Emergency Relief Fund

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria established an Emergency Relief fund in 1934.The donations and interest in this fund are used at times of disaster such as bushfire, flood or drought in Victoria and at times elsewhere in Australia.

The CWA of Victoria uses the knowledge of its 5,500 members in some 330 communities to understand the impact that disaster is having in local communities and on individuals. Members are also the source of knowledge which is used to build support strategies in these times of hardship.

Relief funds are raised/donated by CWA of Victoria members and Branches and members of the public are also encouraged to donate.

Usually the relief monies are available to help meet household expenses. Examples of household expenses include:

  • food
  • school expenses,
  • electricity, gas, rates,
  • telephone expenses, and
  • urgent dental and medical treatment

Relief Grants will generally be in the form of a payment by the CWA of Victoria directly to the supplier of goods/service against invoices provided by the applicant; or the applicant for expenses that are current and/or outstanding.

CWA of Victoria will not deduct any portion of funds which have been donated to the Emergency Relief Fund for administration or other costs. In other words, we disburse 100% of the monies in the Emergency Relief Fund.

If you would like to donate please call us on 03 9827 8971 and make a credit card transaction, please tell us it is a donation to our Emergency Relief Fund.

You can also write a cheque to CWA Emergency Relief Fund and post it to:

CWA of Victoria
3 Lansell Road
Victoria 3142

Please let us know if you want a receipt.

Thank you for your generous donations as it makes a great difference!


State President