Who likes Christmas Pudding? Order From CWA and collect at our Christmas Fare on Saturday 2 December. Fancy a short break in the country? Buy a raffle ticket at the Christmas Fare and help us improve conditions for all women and children, and support local communities.

Saturday 2 December is Christmas Cooking Fare at Umina - 3 Lansell Road Toorak. Opens at 9am and finishes at 2pmwith the raffle draws. Christmas puddings and cakes, mince pies and shortbread. Demonstrations of Christmas treats at 10am and 12 noon. Devonshire Teas in the Dining Room. There will also be other stalls with a Christmas theme including outside vendors . Prior orders with prepayment taken until 28 November. Ring 9827 8971 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Know How to Prepare and Be Safe

Powerline Bushfire Safety Program

For more information about Power outages, important contacts, how to help prevent power outages and restoring power supply

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Marie Vassallo Country Womens Association Talks Citrus

Listen to Marie talk about citrus on 774 ABC Melbourne Radio.

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Australian Government - Gazette - Notice of Investigation

The Repatriation Medical Authority (the Authority) gives notice under section 196G of the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (the VEA) that it intends to carry out an investigation pursuant to section 196B(4) of the VEA to find out whether Statements of Principles may be determined in respect of Lyme Disease.

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