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Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 4-10 April.

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of Victoria (Australia) hosts the 2019 World Conference of ACWW at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 4-10 April, 2019

The Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) is the largest international organization for rural women. ACWW has a membership of nine million through 365 Member Societies in over 70 countries. Working in partnership with its members worldwide, ACWW offers mutual support, friendship and practical assistance. ACWW offers grants for small projects in urban and rural communities that have a big impact, improving the lives of women and their families. Current projects include literacy and basic education, food security and nutrition, maternal health, access to water and sanitation, income-generating enterprises and financial management skills.

ACWW holds a World Conference (the Triennial Conference) every three years. Each Member Society may be represented, and Individual Members may attend. The 29th ACWW Triennial Conference will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 4-10 April 2019.

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