NOTICE is hereby given that the 95th Annual General Meeting of The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Incorporated will be held at 10.00 am on Friday, 16 June 2023 at the Victoria Pavilion, Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale. – Pam Mawson, Secretary

The following documentation for the meeting is available on the member section of the website  If you need member login details they are in the January 2023 posting or contact your Branch Secretary.

These documents are also available from your Branch Secretary or Group President or by contacting Robyn Smith, Member Services Administrator, at (03) 9827 8971 or .

Members start preparing for our State Festival of Gardens

The CWA State Festival of Gardens is an event where every member, branch and group can come together to celebrate a love of all thing’s gardens and gardening.  Whether you wish to highlight and open a number of gardens in your area or just one or don’t open any gardens and have a plant sale, a luncheon with your local nurseryman, a planting day every can participate.  You are only limited by your imagination.   We would like this festival to be all encompassing; to inspire people to come and participate and have a wonderful day and of course raise valuable funds for our Association and your own branch/group. 

Things to Do

  • After talking to your branch/group members, organise a dedicated small committee to ensure you achieve what you wish to do.
  • When you have decided what you wish to do, nominate a date – any day/s between 15 October and 20 November 2023. You might like to do more than 1 day – perhaps 2.
  • Ensure the gardens you have chosen are available and any other elements of the day are booked and confirmed.
  • Complete the CWA of VIC Festival of Gardens Registration Form and email it to The earlier we receive your information the sooner we can assist you to advertise your event.
  • Ensure you book the use of an EFPTOS machine with your branch/group financial institution.
  • As soon as is practical draw up a roster so members can diarise dates and tasks they need to do prior, during and after your event.
  • Order early your CWA books and tea towels if you are selling. One of the best books for sale will be the Thrifty Gardening Book which is sensational for not only growing tips but also what to do with the overflowing produce hall that comes from growing your own fruit and vege.
  • Start to develop your advertising strategy and get it organised early for printing. Where are you going to advertise that the event is on?  How are you going to do this – via news print; radio; dropping information at your community centre, local shops etc.  Don’t be shy – get the message out.      
    • The festival has flyers and other material we would like you to use
  • No matter if you are opening 1 or several gardens, the Admission fee is $15.00 per person – this fee is payable to the Association for our Special Projects Fund. Any other funds raised are retained by Branch/Group. 
    • Exception: Where gardens are not opened (thus no admission fee charged) and the Branch/Group are undertaking another form of ‘gardening activity’ then, 20% of the total funds raised are to be remitted to the Association.

Next step

We ask you to complete the Registration Form together with information about each garden/s you are opening and return to Joanne Alderman no later than 20 August 2023.

The Registration material is available on the Member section of the website
If you need member login details these are in the January 2023 posting or contact your Branch Secretary.
Login details can also be obtained by contacting Robyn Smith, Member Services Administrator, at (03) 9827 8971 or .

Please return by email to by 20th August 2023.
For all questions/queries please contact Joanne Alderman Chairperson AG &E on 0419 320 934 or email