Proxy Form

The new Constitution of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc. is now in effect, and so it is possible for members to vote by proxy in certain circumstances – see the full text of the Constitution at

The Appointment of Proxy Form available for download below is to be used when a member wishes to vote by proxy.

Proxy voting may be used at Board meetings (Constitution Clause 6.8), Group meetings and Branch meetings (Constitution Clause 9.6), but note that at all Group meetings – Annual General Meeting, Special General Meetings, Group Conferences, any other type of Group meetings – only Branch Delegates are entitled to vote. In the case that only one delegate of a Branch is present that one delegate may cast two votes (Rules and Objects 2013, Clause 26.5).

Constitution Clause 3.18

Entitlement to vote at Group meetings

A member is entitled to vote at a Group meeting if that member:

(a) is a Voting Member; and

(b) has been validly appointed as a Branch Delegate, in accordance with Rule 8.3(e).

Constitution Clause 8.3 (e)

Voting members of each Branch may appoint by a simple majority vote up to a maximum of 2 delegates from each Branch to represent them at Group Meetings (“Branch Delegates”).


2020 Proxy Form will be a viable shortly