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Congratulations to all the entrants and prize winners in this year’s State Photography Competition, and especially to Jessica Hodder of Marnoo Branch, East Wimmera Group, who is the winner of the Paula Pither Mills Perpetual Plaque for Photography for her wonderful photo ‘Hands in Water’. The judge commented:

This image was a standout for me, and received the highest score across the competition, for many reasons. Firstly, it is technically sound with such sharpness that the water drops stand out, a very neutral, non-distracting background and a light source from the side that highlights all the water streams. I think that there is a real social message here also, with the concept of water being essential for life, the absence of water a symbol of the drought and the washing of hands being a symbol of the pandemic of 2020. Congratulations on a powerful, symbolic, and technically excellent image.

The 2020 State Photography Competition attracted 262 entries from 59 members – an overwhelming endorsement of the move to a ‘digital-only’ competition. Look for Jessica’s photo and other entries in future editions of the Victorian Country Woman magazine.

You can see all the photographs in our Gallery here.


Photo: ‘Hands in Water’ by Jessica Hodder, Marnoo Branch, East Wimmera Group