COVID-19 Update

Good Afternoon Members,

I have decided to post these updates on our website and Facebook so that all members have immediate access.

Following the most recent announcements by Prime Minister and Premier, please observe all social distancing requirements and personal hygiene suggestions.

For example, if your meeting room is 10m long x10m wide = 100 square metres ÷ 4 = 25 (@ 4 square metres per person) it will seat 25 people who should each be seated 1.5 metres from the next person.

Hand washing facilities should be available.

Consider having a conversation about attendance with someone whose health may be compromised or who may be a carer.

Remember to use multiple forms of communication so everyone receives any message as soon as possible.

Group Presidents, please ensure you pass on all messages to Branches as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so then send the list of contacts to someone else to do so on your behalf. It would be helpful if you would check your emails/texts at least twice daily. Please CC or BCC me into your email/text out to Branches.

Those members with Branch email/text contacts, please pass on to your Members all messages from your Group President as soon as possible.

Allow for different means of communication for those who do not have an email address or mobile phone. E.g., perhaps a member can drop a note into their letter box

Please continue to maintain contact with your members and set up some positive internet/phone/text activities as the circumstances allow.

Facebook posts have already suggested a variety of ways to keep in touch and keep active.

If you are coming to Head Office please make an appointment to do so.

Merchandise will be available to purchase via email or over the telephone and an arrangement will be made for collection or posting.

It is important that all Members and staff adhere to the current government directives regarding social distancing.

Please continue to Grow Connect Improve by some remote means.

Please use the resources and the updates at


Marion Dewar

State President

COVID-19 Update

Good Afternoon Members

You may have seen the  update below.

It means there should be a bit more empty space in the room at your event. The distance between people has not altered.

The area sums you did at primary school (or secondary for some) will come in handy – as will your tape measure and a friend to hold the other end.

If you stand finger tip to finger tip (remember to have a hair’s breadth between) with arms outstretched that is about 1.5m space for each of you – allow it in both directions.

Please continue to reassure more vulnerable members and keep the contact circle going.

We all need to continue to Grow Connect Improve.


Marion Dewar

State President

COVID-19 Update

Dear Members

It is with regret that I inform you that the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 State Conference in its usual form. This decision has been made in accordance with government advice as of 19 March 2020.

However, new arrangements will be made for the Annual General Meeting of The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc. planned for Friday 29 May 2020. Further details will be announced as they are formulated.

Refunds of State Conference 2020 payments will be made in due course.

The Board made a number of contingency plans on Tuesday 17 March regarding the Association’s desire and need to adhere to current and possible future safety issues for the containment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

It is important to keep up to date with announcements from government. The government statement regarding gatherings of 100 or more has already affected many of our events.

If you have a cough or cold please stay at home so it is not passed on to others.

If you are more susceptible than the average person to coughs or colds then consider whether it is wise to attend a particular event.

Thank you for your continued thoughtfulness in considering the health of members and the public as you make decisions for your Branch and Group events.

Please continue to support and communicate with your fellow members and your community as you learn through and enjoy your membership.

I remind you of trusted sources of information such as those websites listed below.


Marion Dewar

State President